Elevator pitch, yo!

Outdoor enthusiast, a bit nerdy, absolutely in love with good coffee and great equipment for making it. That describes us best in one sentence. And with BRWT Coffee we combine exactly these characteristics to create a holistic offering - and our own thing.

We offer high-quality products for manual coffee preparation, especially for filter coffee and espresso lovers as well as for everyone who wants to enjoy first-class coffee on the go. Our range includes carefully selected items that promise an incomparable coffee experience. From high-quality filter coffee machines to precision scales and manual espresso machines, you will find everything you need to prepare the perfect coffee. To achieve this, we rely on renowned brands that are known for quality, reliability and innovative functionality.

Let's keep it simple

We are three friends (Matze, Nils and Sammy) who have had two things in common for years:

We love really good and, above all, well-prepared coffee.
We love nature, being outdoors and being active in the fresh air.

On various trips, be it in the mountains while climbing, hiking, skiing or on the ocean while surfing, swimming and beaching, one thing was always with us: a good espresso or a freshly brewed filter coffee. That's why we always go the extra mile and carry the extra kilos.

And why BRWT now?

The story could also be over now. However, with all the "we love coffee" and "we make the best coffee on the road" there was a certain problem: How do we know what is really best for our tours and our requirements? What equipment do we need on the road and what is best suited? Since we have all been nerding around for years, we figured it out quickly. We had our experience with hand grinders, knew pretty well which parameters are crucial for espresso and filter coffee and then thought: Let's go - we'll give all the outdoor surf coffee enthusiasts out there an easy guide on what they need to be able to drink a really nice espresso and a perfect, fresh filter coffee on the road, no matter where. We couldn't find it in this form (or did we not look long enough?)

More random facts and stories

Congratulations! If you've made it this far, you're really keen to learn more about us. Your wish is our command!

Simple, stylish and green

Let's tell it like it is: New, hip coffee brands, grinder suppliers and fancy espresso machines are currently popping up everywhere. All of them are innovative in some way, do something different from the others and still look incredibly stylish - "simple, stylish and green" somehow.
We at BRWT are no exception in that we also strive to provide our customers with really high-quality, unique and completely practical coffee utensils. With the small but important difference that we really take a close look at each of our products, each of our brands, use and test them ourselves and then decide which is the perfect solution to our customers' problem.
We value sustainability with maximum quality and a reasonable price-performance ratio. We are not interested in quantity or the maximum range.
If you search with us, you will find a maximum of 2-3 options, if any. And these all have their own unique selling point and are perfectly coordinated with each other.

Innovative, modern and somehow a person has 6 fingers, right?

Now we get down to business: In addition to the great art of coffee and traveling and being outdoors, we also love innovation and technology.

A big topic of our time is AI and everything that goes with it. As a modern, young company, we want to unite the worlds between the art of photography, the simple snapshot on the beach and the absolutely crazy, but no less creative creation of really impressive images using AI and let them blur into a well-rounded and absolutely beautiful overall picture.

But that's just fake and will eventually rob us all of our jobs

While writing texts and blog posts is always a creative and, for us, important and, above all, very entertaining process, none of us are photographers or videographers. With the website and our appearance, we want to consciously push the boundaries and use the latest possibilities of our time.
Using these tools is like using complex software. It takes a lot of adjustment, a lot of imagination and the ability to express this in words until you get the right motifs, the right colors and the right mood in the picture. And then many people still have 6-12 fingers per hand.

Conscious use is crucial

We see no problem in using tools like Midjourney or Chat GPT to provide support and also, for example, to generate ideas. Of course, they will never replace professional, personal photos or personal texts, but let's be honest: we all somehow believe that this will affect us all more and more in the future and finding access to it is always better than missing the boat here - like with the expansion of high-speed internet, for example - which, as we know, will not prevail either.

So: We think the topics go hand in hand really well and ultimately make a really good impression.

With skill, expertise and a little madness

These three ingredients are needed to make certain things in life easy.

We work with passion to create good products, perfect bundles and the ultimate opponent: coffee on the 12m wave on the Portuguese Atlantic coast. In addition to the aforementioned madness, this also requires a feel for the market and a bit of expertise in business management.

All three of us have studied business, economics and/or health economics (one even has a doctorate - can you guess who?) and of course we bring this to our business.

Why are you telling me this?

We are often asked how we manage to offer prices as low as other, much larger providers and shops. To put it simply, it is because we look very closely at the figures and only make expenditures when they are really necessary and can be covered accordingly. We have no investors or large financiers (unfortunately, the government has not been turning on the money tap for a while) and we only invest our own, earned money. This is a huge advantage, especially for organic growth and sustainable entrepreneurship, and takes the pressure off of some decisions. We do everything ourselves. From the website, to the photos (with friendly support), shipping, marketing, customer service, etc. (At this point, a big thank you goes out to everyone who is very close to us for their understanding and acceptance).

Long story short: By making considerable cost savings, we can provide you with a great offer and at the same time be price-competitive in what is, let's say, a competitive market.

All that counts

We don't have a range like the Coffeecircles and Roastmarkets in Germany - we have exactly what you need. #punintended

At least we are pretty convinced of that. And what people cannot do above all is make decisions, especially when it comes to consumption. And that is one of the biggest problems when it comes to sustainability: we buy and buy and buy.

We are not saving the world

Our shop and our business model won't save the world. But we can at least do our small part to ensure that we produce fewer disposable items or sell fewer inferior quality items through conscious consumption of equipment and coffee itself.

We are convinced of the quality of our products because we have been using them ourselves for years or know enough people who do just that.

And we make the choice easier for you: You don't have to choose between the Comandantes, 1zpressos and Timesmores of the world - our espresso bundle fits, is cheap or advanced. End. You know your budget and your requirements, we know exactly the right products. That's it. All that matters, easy.